Elaine Rossall Cushman & Wakefield (Chairman)

Ben Cartwright U+I plc
Peter Grant Peter Grant Associates
John Danes Aberdeen Asset Management
Peter Grant Peter Grant Associates
Steven Lang Savills             


Alexi Marmot AMA Alexi Marmot Associates, UCL
James Pellatt Great Portland Estates         
Rob Partridge AKT II
James Pellatt Great Portland Estates                     


Terms of Reference

  • To meet on a quarterly basis
  • Provide a strategic overview of the BCO's research agenda
  • Work to complement the existing BCO research committees
  • Advise on the financial aspects of research
  • Review both research proposals and also completed research reports
  • Advise the BCO on any issues which needed to be researched.

Thematic approach to BCO Research programme:
Research_Committee_Thematic Approach

What is the decision making process for approving research?