BCO London 2017 Cycling

BCO Cycle Sportive 2017

Monday 8 May 2017

Conditions of Entry

Supplemental to your enrolment through the BCO, please follow the link to the Club Peloton website below and register – this is a health and safety requirement and mandatory for participation in the event.


The BCO Cycle Sportive is open to conference delegates plus a colleague from their company. 

The Cycle Sportive will be followed by a BBQ at the Lee Valley cycle centre (the velodrome).

Like many aspects of London life since the BCO last held its conference in London the provision of cycling in the city has been transformed since 2009. No new office scheme worth its salt will fail to provide first class cycle facilities and popular schemes like the cycle superhighway and Santander bikes are now available. To reflect this change we are taking a slightly different approach to this year’s cycle event and want to open it out to a wider group of participants in terms of physical effort and cost. This ride is for those cyclists that may have been put off by the long distances on previous BCO events but would like to take give the ride a try. For the more seasoned cyclists there is still a sufficient challenge and fun if you want it.

The event will be in two halves, the first a sportive leaving North West London and comprising of a ride of 30, 60 or 90 miles depending on your own preference. The ride will end at the Upper Lee Valley for the second half of the event. Of course one of the major events to take place in London was the Olympics in 2012. We are going to build on this legacy to hold a festival of cycling around the Lee Valley cycle centre (the velodrome) on a purpose built mile long tarmac covered track. Here we will enjoy a series of light hearted but fun events including time trial, Santander race, Rollapolaza and Brompton race.

The cost of the event is £130 inc VAT which includes event guide, rider support, jersey, medal, water bottles and a barbecue at the Lee Valley track.

Entry is limited to those attending the conference or their colleagues who may want to join the ride.

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